Dungeon Crawler Murder Mystery Bonus Episode

This Bonus Episode features Josh DMing the murder mystery of Lord Martyn BainBreaker of the Kingdom of Arlidel.  Justyn plays Hannibal, a Yuan-Ti Sorcerer. Mike plays a Halfling Bard named Nickleback, and Skyler plays the role of a Tiefling Rogue.


We will be back next episode with the regular episode of the podcast, and get back to season 1. Thank you all for sticking with us during this month of schedule conflcts and issues. We love you all.

Dungeon Crawler Easter Special

This Week the creators at A Dungeon Crawler Companion bring you a (semi) easter themed episode. Some people do in fact rise from the dead.

In this Easter Special Justyn is our DM and takes Josh, Kale, and Skyler on a magical journey through a troubled Inn. What dark magic waits within? Only one way to find out!

Josh plays the Air Genasi Rogue Froskan Warwick

Kale plays a Furbolg Paladin named Nyfix

Skyler plays a Human Sorcerer named Bobather.

These three strangers will come together to vanquish a great evil

Also, Josh is the worst Rogue around.

Season 1, Episode 2: Challenges and Complications

The adventurers have secured their treasure, but they aren't swimming in gold just yet. Trogdor gets smited, but Siifuss saves his best friend, Skeletons become reanimated, Keyra tries to speak with dragons, Thurin takes them to a land down under, Trogdor creates a reputation, Siifuss takes on a charasmatic trader, the gang levels up, fights some pigs, and meet a strange woman.

Season 1Episode 1B: Journey's Beginning

Part B of our thrilling introductory episode of A Dungeon Crawler Companion. In this episode, our heroes attempt to break into a highly secure fortress. Will they be successful? Will Siifuss try to make a new Equine love interest? How well can Keyra keep this crew from having too much fun? Trogdor shows just how light on his feet he really is. We also learn some distrubing things about commander Wini

Season 1, Episode 1A: Journey's Beginning

Josh, Justyn, Michael, and Kaleigh begin a new dungeon's and dragons podcast. Because all this political bullshit is stressing us out, and we need a fun, creative outlet for all this horrible stuff.


We hope you enjoy it!


Josh as the loveable, if often too kind, DM

Justyn as the corrupt (and perverted) Teafling cleric, Siifuss McCliituss

Michael Caruso as the meatheaded dragonborn barbarian, Trogdor

and Kayleigh as the valley girl Wood Elf Druid, Keyra


Together they will take on formiddible foes, go after expensive treasure, try to make love with a centaur, and maybe discover the true meaning of teamwork... maybe...